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Meet our co-founders

Hello and welcome to Winter Session! We’re so happy you found us.

We are Tanya and Roy, the co-owners of Winter Session. For the past 12 years, we’ve been making waxed canvas bags, backpacks, leather wallets and travel accessories right here in our own sewing workshop. This labor of love has allowed us to channel our passion for utilitarian design into everyday accessories and home goods that work well, look good and last a long time.

Here’s a little bit about what we each do here. As the voice and creative eye of Winter Session, I (Tanya) am responsible for the words, images, and vibe of our brand. I help refine our bag and wallet designs, I take a lot of our photos, and I make all of our instagram posts. Most of what you’ll read here on our blog is written by me. In the very beginning, I put in a lot of hours sewing bags, but these days you’ll find me on my computer, running around with our little toddler, Orion, or organizing things our workshop.

As our head of operations, Roy wears a lot of different hats in the workshop. In addition to being our primary sewer and leatherworker, Roy is also the pattern maker, fabric buyer, sewing machine mechanic, laser cutter master, hydraulic press operator, and floor sweeper. He also oversees our wholesale accounts, keeps our monthly books, personally packs and ships your orders, and answers all of your emails. So when you get an email from us that’s signed ‘Roy’, it’s literally the owner sitting at his laptop and sending you the email!

If you haven’t already gathered, we’re a pretty small operation, and we like it that way. Staying small helps us to stay flexible and to do things more directly and personally. We think it’s pretty cool that when you order a bag from us, you know exactly where it comes from and who made it. And we hope you do too. 

If you’re curious about what we make, we’d like to invite you to visit our webshop, where you’ll find all of our bags, wallets, and home accessories, along with some things we’ve made in the past. If you’re checking out our Trucker Wallet and you find yourself wanting to know more about it, or if you’re having a hard time choosing between a Day Bag and a Garrison Bag, we’re always here to help! You can email Roy directly at roy@winter-session.com or DM us on instagram. Email is usually the better bet.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about what we make, where we make it and how we go about it. We’ll also share a little bit about our journey in bag-making: how we began and what we’ve experienced along the way. It’s been an adventure, and we’re so glad you decided to join us!


Tanya + Roy

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