Free repairs for life

Our Craftsmanship Guarantee

Did we mention free repairs for life? Because we offer free repairs for life. We know, that’s a lot to promise, but we think it’s worth it! Here’s the scoop.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a well-loved Garrison Bag, Backpack or Billfold living its best life out in the world. Well, that, and hearing from happy customers.

We stand by each and every product that leaves our workshop, and we are confident that your bag, wallet, planter or keychain will continue to be a solid companion as you use it daily. But we also know that the natural materials we use do have a natural lifespan. And that just as they wear in beautifully, they will wear out eventually. So here’s how we’ll take care of you and your Winter Session gear when life happens:

We will repair any Winter Session product that has broken, regardless of where it was purchased. If the zipper on your favorite Zip Folio breaks, we’ll put in a new one. If a rivet comes out, we’ll reattach it. If you are so dedicated to using your Garrison Bag that you wear through the bottom panel, we’ll find a way to reinforce it. The same goes for our leather goods: we’ll restitch, re-rivet, or repair your wallet if anything happens along the way.

Some of the repairs we’ve done for customers in the past, like replacing the main zipper closure on a backpack, take more time and effort than making a new bag altogether. But we make that effort because we believe that your bag, the bag you’ve cared for and carried for years and that is just perfectly broken in, is much more valuable to you than any new replacement. So we will go to any and all lengths we can to get your bag back in working order. (Of course, if a replacement is the best option for your unique circumstance, we’ll always consider that too.)

We want to make sure that you and your canvas and leather companions can reach your full potential–and patina!–together in the years to come. If your bag, backpack, or billfold needs a little extra care, send us an email (with photos, if possible) at We’ll take a look and see how we can help.

Till soon, 

 – Roy + Tanya

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