Did we mention free repairs for life?

Because we offer free repairs for life.

We will repair any Winter Session product that has broken, regardless of where it was purchased.

We stand behind everything we make and we do our best to make them as durable as possible but life happens. If your zipper breaks, we’ll put in a new one. If your rivet unrivets, we’ll reattach it. If you bust through the bottom panel of your Garrison, you better believe we’ll re-panel it.

Some repairs, like replacing the zipper on a backpack, take more effort than making a new bag altogether. But we make that effort because we believe that Your Bag, that you’ve cared for and carried for years and is just perfectly broken in, is much more valuable to you than any new replacement. So we will go to any and all lengths we can to get Your Bag back in working order.

If your bag needs some help, send us an email at repairs@winter-session.com.

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