All About our Canvas Planters

Why planters?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we love plants. In fact, we’ve been known to collect a few too many! At some point we found our desks and tables and shelves were getting crowded with pots of baby jade plants, spiky palms, and wandering pothos. We also wanted to take better advantage of the natural light in our windows, since the plants sitting in our window sills were so happy.

So we spent a day playing around with our scrap fabric, leather, and spare hardware to see if we could come up with a functional planter with a Winter Session vibe. We took out our bin of waxed canvas offcuts and began by experimenting with a simple cylindrical shape made from two pieces: a circle for the bottom and a rectangle for the sleeve. It took a few tries to nail the dimensions and to get the circular seam to align. Once we got the basic size and shape right, we got to work with Serge, our serger (the multi-needle machine that helps to finish the raw edges of the fabric so it doesn’t fray).

For the straps, we started with the offcuts from our leather shoulder straps, which are long strands a little like thick linguine, but made out of leather, and happen to be the perfect length. We liked the idea of using a simple knot so that the straps could be easily adjusted and removed. To attach the leather straps to the planter, metal grommets (which we always keep on hand for making aprons) seemed like a no-brainer. We settled on a folded rim for the planter to help reinforce the grommet points. And ta-da: the canvas planter was born!

Hanging Canvas Planter in Natural canvas

We designed the hanging planter first and then realized it would be easy to convert to a tabletop version by removing the leather straps. And thanks to the grommets around the rim, the tabletop version could be converted to a hanging planter by adding a set of straps. 

Medium and Small Tabletop Planter in Grey waxed canvas
Medium and Small Hanging Canvas Planters in Grey waxed canvas

How to use your planter

Our Canvas Planters come in two sizes (small and medium) and are made to fit standard 4″ and 6″ pots. To use your planter, simply place a drip tray in the bottom of the planter (ideally your drip tray should be the same size as the circular base of the planter, so feel free to get creative and use a small plate or a plastic lid) and then place your plant and its plastic or terracotta pot on top. Water your plant like you normally would, and in order to avoid spillage, take extra care not to overwater.

Waxed canvas is ideal for planters because it naturally repels water should you encounter a leak or a spill. And although our Natural canvas is not waxed, it does have a water resistant coating so it will still repel water somewhat. However, if your drip tray overflows into the bottom of the planter, simple shake the water out and let the planter air dry before putting your plant back in.

If water sits directly on the waxed canvas for a while (say, more than half an hour) it will eventually start to soak into the fabric, and if there is enough water in there, it will drip through. If this happens and you don’t notice right away, you may find that your planter has some water or dirt stains on the fabric. Don’t worry! You can give your canvas planter an easy bath in a sink of warm water.

Simply remove the leather straps (if your planter has them) and submerge the planter in the water completely. Let soak for a few minutes and then gently massage the stain with a cloth or a soft brush. You can use a little bit of mild soap if needed, but soap can remove the wax coating, so go easy. For getting dirt and water stains out of Natural canvas we recommend Grandma’s Stain Remover (you can find it online or at hardware and craft stores). 

Small Hanging Planter in Natural canvas on the road with And We Roam

Bring one home

Whether you’re a first time plant owner or a veteran plant owner, we like to think our Canvas Planters will help make your plants feel at home. We’re no plant experts ourselves, so we won’t go into detail here about how to choose a plant or take care of particular varieties, but you can find plenty of helpful resources online. Or better yet, ask a friend or stop by your local plant shop! Plant lovers love giving advice 🙂 

Browse our full collection of Canvas Planters (available in Grey waxed canvas, Mustard Waxed canvas, or all Natural canvas) HERE. And don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions! Cheers and happy planting!

The full collection of Canvas Planters in Mustard

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